Monday, October 28, 2013

Calling It In

Three day weekends!  Three days of glorious nothingness.  An extra day in your weekend to relax and recoup.  Who am I kidding!?!  The kids are out of school and I've taken the day off for child care duties and catching up on all the other stuff I never seem to have time for.

And I should admit that I cheated a little bit, because I sent Benjamin to preschool and just have Frances and Henry home today.  So far we've doanted old tennis shoes to the PE teacher at school, dropped off three bags of clothes to Goodwill and cleaned out a bin of junk in the living room.  I promised the kids that if they helped with a chore they could earn a TV break.

We've got a lot of other stuff to get taken care of because some nincompoop (me) invited Frances' teacher over for dinner tonight and now I've got to make the house presentable.  Even better: Henry told me this morning that he had a dream that his teacher came over for dinner, so I guess I'll be extending that invitation sometime soon!

I am hoping to balance the work and the relaxation today and get my house and my head in order.  If you don't see a post from me tomorrow, though, please send help! I'm likely to be buried under a pile of laundry in the living room!

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