Friday, September 27, 2013

Five Minute Friday: True

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Five minutes on true...


"It's time to get moving, guys!" I call it out every morning with very little response.  My kids need lots of prompting to get moving, especially Frances.  Even when she picks her clothes out the night before.  We use our timers and alarms, but those mostly keep me on track so I can yell the right things at the right times.

Then she comes to the breakfast table and this is really my first chance to see what she's picked out for the day.  I refuse to make a big deal about the clothing choices because I am saving that battle for the teenage years.  Still...sometimes I want to make a comment.

"Is that really what you're going to wear today?" I think.  Part of me wants to remark that stripes and plaids don't really matching.  And part of me remembers a little pigtailed girl of about three patiently explaining that the green tartan plaid wool skirt matches the neon green tank top because they both have green in them.  She's always been that way with clothes.  The pattern mixing has gotten a little better, but now she wears her socks pulled up to her knees (and of course they have stripes).

I don't typically say anything at all.  I worry that she might get made fun of (she already does for daring to be best friends with a boy!), but in some ways I am slightly proud of the way she stays true to herself instead of bending to arbitrary societal pressures.  Scratch that.  I am not slightly proud.  I am fiercely proud of my girl.

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