Thursday, September 19, 2013

Avast Me Hearties! It's "Talk Like a Pirate" Day

I was doing some planning for my blog last week and I noticed that International Talk Like a Pirate Day was coming up. It's a fun holiday that we like to take part in, so I was thinking of some things I could post about today in honor of the holiday.

Then on Saturday, I was taking a break while Benjamin was finishing his nap.  Henry came out and asked me if I had a big box he could use.  Being all out of big boxes, I had to disappoint him.  He looked so sad about it that I asked what he needed it for.  It turned out that he wanted to build a pirate ship.  I gave him a plastic storage tote and he and Frances started working.

The project made me happy for many reasons: they were getting along, they were leaving me alone, AND they were potentially giving me blog fodder!  What else could a mother want!?!  And because they were getting along so nicely, I didn't get up to check on them.  Well, that and the game I was playing on my iPad.

After a while Benjamin woke up and I realized it was probably time to think about dinner.  I grabbed my phone on the way to the kitchen, thinking I could snap some pictures of the pirate ship for this post.  When I peeked into the dining room, however, I didn't see any pirate ship at all.  In fact Frances and Henry were playing separately with Barbies and cars.

"Where's the pirate ship?" I asked.

"We were done.  We put it away."  They said.

So now I am officially living in the Twilight Zone. My kids got along and played together for a full hour, then put away one toy and got out others; all without my intervention.  What is this world coming to?!?!

Anyway, I can't write a post about Talk Like a Pirate Day without giving you some booty, so here it is:

'Treasure Chest' photo (c) 2012, Tom Garnett - license:

I'm sorry. Is that not what you were expecting?!  OK, fine; here's some fun from last year.

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