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'Twas the Day Before Kindergarten

I used to be a teacher. Like "paid in a classroom with students" kind of teacher; not "guide my children through life instilling lessons and virtues in them" kind of teacher.I'm still that. The second one. Anyway, I used to be a teacher.  I taught second grade.  Then I had Frances and I discovered that I was not good at juggling.  I quit teaching in the public schools and went to teach in a pre-school.  Frances was with me every day.  She was just down the hall and I could see her and hear about her anytime I wanted.  Then she came to my classroom.  And because of her birthdate, she was in my class for two years.  There were some ways in which that was hard on me, but honestly I don't recall many of them.  I was her teacher at home and at school.  We spent all our days together.  

When she went to Kindergarten it was hard on me.  Actually it was HARD!  I hadn't been away from her this much before.  I hadn't placed her in the care of others for such long periods of time.  She was having experiences that I didn't know about and had no awareness of.  My classroom seemed odd without her.

Henry was down the hall from me at this point.  But that was different.  He is the second child, and good or bad; there are things that are different about the second child.  I'm not saying it was easy to send him off to Kindergarten a few years later; it was just different.  And honestly, he and I never meshed when I was his teacher.  Frances understood the difference between "Mommy the mommy" and "Mommy the teacher."  She gladly shared me with her classmates.  Henry didn't.  He wanted all my attention all of the time.  He didn't like it when other kids gave me hugs, or sat in my lap, or got called on at the carpet. It was stressful to have him in my classroom; for both of us.  We were both glad when he got a new teacher and went off to Kindergarten.

I digress.  This poem is one I originally wrote when Frances went off to Kindergarten.  I think of it every year around this time.  At this point, we know who will be teaching the kids this year.  We've started adding them to our nightly prayers.  The kids are excited to go back to school and see their friends.  But I still get a little misty when I get ready to put them to bed the night before the first night of school.

Enjoy. Today, the bigs and I are spending the last day of summer together.  Hanging out and making memories!

"Twas the Day Before Kindergarten" 

(My apologies to Clement Moore.)

Originally posted August 2009

'Twas the day before Kindergarten
And all through my house
Both my children were stirring
But there'd better not be any mouse!

The supplies had been purchased
And taken to school
New crayons and glue sticks
The Princess backpack was cool!

Frances was excited
And giddy, for sure
Tomorrow will be
A big day for her

Mommy and Daddy
Seem excited too
But nervous and anxious
About something so new.

We'll lay out the clothes
Before we go to bed
And take a good bath
For a squeaky clean head

In the morning, it's breakfast
And rushing to dress
Our fingers are crossed
Her hair won't be a mess!

We'll take the whole family
We'll walk up the street
She'll get on that big bus
She thinks is so neat

I'll probably follow
Like a humongous dork
To watch her get off it
'Fore I go to work

She'll walk in that big school
By herself, All alone
She'll take my heart with her
My big girl, my own.

She'll go to her classroom
She'll make lots of friends
And I'll be there to meet her
When her day ends

I'll hear all the stories
'Bout lunch and her class
I'll ask lots of questions
Of my sweet little Lass

I pray God's protection
Around her all day
That He will be with her
Since I can't be today

The tears will start flowing
I'll cry like a fool
'Cause my sweet little baby
Has gone off to school

Frances going to Kindergarten.


  1. AWWWW!! My little one starts kindergarten on Wednesday, and I can hardly believe that it is time for her to do that! Love this poem. :) Your first paragraph totally made me giggle!-Ashley

    1. Good luck tomorrow! The teachers were asking when my youngest would start Kindergarten and I wanted to yell at them! I'm so not ready to think about that yet!!

  2. Awww!! My older starts kindergarten next year. I will probably be writing poems myself to cope with it. You're hilarious here!

    1. I think it's harder with the first. And probably the last...Those poor middle kids! :)

  3. I always cry on the first day of school. My oldest is in Grade 4 this year, and I remember crying even before he went, just thinking about the inevitable. This year, I will likely cry again - for him, for my little guy about to start next year, and (mostly) for me, too.

    1. My oldest starts 4th this year too. I got a little misty when we realized that this is her last year of elementary school!

  4. Some mom's are always so ready for their kids to start another year of school. I am never ready. To me it always means they are another year older, another year closer to leaving me forever. It is always a sad thing for me. I try my hardest to show enthusiasm around the boys, I don't want them to ever think it's a bad thing! Fun poem!

    1. I think it might hit me more when I go look at the pictures from years past and compare them. It does make me a little sad!

  5. Awww! Mine was in Kindergarten last year. They grow so fast.

    1. Mine are 1st and 4th this year. I didn't cry putting them on the bus, but I did get a little misty!

  6. Dropped mine off for her first day this week. Needless to say, this made me cry a tad bit!

    Happy Sharefest!

  7. So sweet! I remember my oldest Girlie's 1st day and I was all prepared for tears and her wanting to stay with me but she was so grown up she simply waved goodbye and walked away leaving me standing there like a dork. Sometimes our Kiddies are more ready than we are for the major steps in their lives.


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