Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer Bucket List-Updated

Back in June I made a Bucket List for the summer.  I had the idea to go back and update it to see how much we had gotten done.  Then I got sad.  Summer has just flown by and even though I had a list of plans and all kinds of good intentions, it feels like we just didn't do anything!! 

Here's the list, with my notations:

  1. Disney World--posted here and here.  We had a great time and the kids still talk about it constantly!
  2. Swimming--We went to a friend's pool once and we went to the lake during my family reunion.  My kids have been swimming a few other times with my parents.
  3. Enjoy my half-day Fridays with the kiddos--We had an adjusted summer schedule this year.  I got off every Friday at noon.  In theory, it was supposed to be some extra free time for me and and some extra time to spend with the kiddos.  In reality it just ended up being an early start for weekend drives or errands. 
  4. Sprinkler/sand box time out in the yard--Strangely, this is probably the easiest one on the list and the one we didn't really do!  It's either been to hot, too rainy, or too buggy. 
  5. Family Reunion on my dad's side--COMPLETED!  We had an amazing time with my dad's family.  My kids loved playing with their extra "aunts" and "uncles."  My cousins' kids are all between the ages of 10 and 3, and that ended up being a great range for playing together.  I am hoping we can get together more frequently, especially since we live fairly close.
  6. Vacation Bible School--LOVED IT!  I planned the games center this year.  It turned out really well.  I had a lot of fun and so did my kids.  I think VBS might be one of my favorite parts of summer!
  7. Catching fireflies late at night--We've done this a time or two.  I've discovered that my kids really take after me when it comes to sleep, though.  If I miss out on an hour or two, I am not pleasant to be around.  Turns out my kids are the same way.  And none of us can sleep in.
  8. Family camping/hiking trip--I took the kids hiking with a friend.  We had the best of intentions for family hiking or camping this summer, but it never happened.  Maybe Fall will be a better time...
  9. 4th of July festivities and parade--We spent the day downtown and had a great time.  I never posted any pictures from it, though. 
  10. Summer Food: potato salad, yogurt/cucumber soup, cold pasta salads, fresh out of the garden veggies, popsicles, lemonade--Out veggies never really came in this year.  I am not a good gardener and we don't have a good space.  We have had some veggies donated to us, though. So that's good.  I've done potato salad and yogurt soup, but no pasta salads.  And I think I had my first popsicle last night after the kids went to bed.
I'm going to give myself a 7/10 for the list.  That's barely a passing grade!  But we really did have a fun summer.  The kids loved all the different camps they got to attend.  We did enjoy a slightly more relaxed schedule.  We've still got the fair this week to look forward to.  Maybe I'll just make a better list next summer!!

4th of July hats at the museum

Chilling out, waiting for the parade



  1. How can you give yourself 7/10???!!! You basically did everything but the camping--and you did hike!! I'd say you get a 9.5/10!! You'd be much more impressed with your summer accomplishments if you saw the sad number of things crossed off my summer bucket list!! --Lisa

  2. Sounds like it was still a successful summer! Sounds like you still had some great summer fun! Time goes too fast though! There are some things I wish we had gotten to, especially fishing and camping for my son...we are not big on fishing, and yet my son loves it so we are usually good about trying to get out there (though we rarely catch anything because we don't know what we are doing), but we did not get out at all to do it this year =( Maybe this fall we can steal a moment to do it!

    1. I’m torn between thinking we didn’t do anything and thinking we did too much!

  3. I think it's wonderful. We still have a few weeks until school here, and even longer until fall technically starts on the calendar, but I have a few more big ones to do that just haven't presented themselves yet. For one, we're still going to Cape Cod again. For two, fairs and festivals haven't started yet so we have a ton of those in late August through October. And for three, I haven't seen a moose this summer. And they certainly have been around my town. It'll happen.

    A big summer thing is that I really discovered your blog! I had seen you here and there before summer, but this summer I became a regular reader.

  4. We did a summer bucket list, too! We had 25 things on it (but non were as big as Disney!) I think we've done about 20, but, agian, some of them were very small. It sounds like you did a lot and I would call it a success! After all, having fun is the most important thing, right?

  5. Looks like you had a fantastic summer!!

  6. I'm with The Dose of Reality. Besides, grading yourself on your summer sounds counterproductive!

    Now let's get going on your fall bucket list. It needs only one item: Visit the Mayland Pumpkin Patch with the family and have fun there!

    1. I promise! Mayland Pumpkin patch will be on my list! I'm posting it next Tuesday, so you can come back and check!!

  7. Sounds about like my summer bucket list. But you seem to have had a lot of fun, even though you didn't do everything. I guess that's about what it should be. Probably the funnest stuff was what you didn't have on the list at all!

    Welcome to the Spin Cycle!!

  8. VBS is one of my favorite things about summer, too, although I'm always relieved when it's over! It's a lot of work for those of us in charge! ;) Thanks for linking up to the Spin Cycle!

  9. Hi, I found your blog through the Spin Cycle. Sounds like you had an awesome summer. Much more fun than mine. Heck, you had me beat at #1. I've never been to Disney World!


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