Friday, August 23, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Last

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Five minutes on last...

Benjamin's teacher told me the other day that she thinks he's ready for underwear.  He has been going potty at school all week and they only time they've had to change him were the dirty diapers.  She said some kids do really well just training in underwear (even though it will likely mean lots of laundry for the first week).

That was exciting news and it got me thinking that soon I won't be buying diapers anymore.  The next box I buy may be my last!

The start of the school year and the transistions that happen this time of year always make me think.  Deep, hard, complicated thoughts.  It's the first time for this or that.  Things are just beginning and feel brand new.  But I also think about the lasts.  The last night Benjamin slept with a pacifier.  The last night I had to give Frances a bath.  The last time Henry used a sippy cup.

It's hard to notice the lasts.  You don't know they are the lasts when you do it.  Sometimes you don't even realize it for weeks or months.  They are hard to catch, and so bittersweet when you realize they have passed.

Have a blessed weekend friends!


  1. We don't have any kids yet, so we haven't even bought our first diapers! So I congratulate you on the prospect of not having to buy any more! God Bless!

    Leslie of Sweet Midlife with Lynne and Leslie

  2. You are so right. Often we only recognize the "lasts" in our lives in hindsight. I will keep my fingers crossed you *have* bought your last diapers. That's a huge milestone!! :) --Lisa

  3. No more diapers! I actually felt bittersweet about that one - even though at the same time I was saying, "YAY!" Because that one felt big.
    I get those "big milestone" feelings on the first day of school every year, too.

  4. That's so true - sometimes you don't know something will be the last! A lot. I used to get all deep with breakups and say I didn't know it would be the last kiss!
    No more diapers! I still have about a year or two (or three) with them. Let's hope Des is faster at potty training than he is with walking.

    1. We are already to the point that I don’t really worry about having one with us while we are out, but it will be nice to not have to worry about them at all. Of course, then the issue of only having one bathroom will get real ugly!!

  5. I've enjoyed your Friday Fives so much but didn't realize that they are on a subject. Maybe I'll try another one next week.

    No, we never know when the last of anything will be, good or sometimes not so good. Maybe it's called survival or living in the moment. Congrats to your son for his steps towards being free from having to wear diapers. Yay! And it will be better for you, too.

    1. Lynne,
      The Five Minute Fridays are so much fun. You should definitely try it out!!


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