Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Collection of Bug Pictures I have on my Phone for Some Strange Reason

I'll be honest here...I was going to title this post something about boys and bugs, but in the wake of all this mess about The Children's Place trying to say that girls don't like math, I decided not to (They have since pulled the shirt from their line and apologized.)  The fact is, most of these pictures are things that Frances pointed out to me.  Or things I saw by myself and thought were cool.  So, while the boys in my house do like bugs, so do the girls; and that's just fine.




Same moth, different angle

Third angle

Spider in my living room!

Ex-spider waiting to be disposed of

Prayin Mantis

Same guy

And again

Pretty moth

Different view

Frances took this one; afterwards I taught her how to focus

As a side note, I really do like bugs.  Outside.  In my house it's a different story.  If they stay where they belong, I will just take pictures.  If they come in my house, they will be evicted.


  1. I loved bugs as a kid! I used to live by a stream and catch all sorts of creepy crawlies into a big bucket! In retrospect, that wasn't the best idea. Maybe some of them were predatory to others, and maybe they just wanted to live peacefully in the stream! I did release them all.

    1. My kids have bug nets that they run around the yard with. Then they get mad that the butterflies fly too high!!

  2. I tried to scroll quickly, I am sorry...I didn't want to scream out loud at the computer!;-Ashley

    1. You guys posted bugs before!?!?! And I didn't post any of those-roaches are the one bug I absolutely cannot stand!!

  3. My kids love bugs! But I agree. Outside the house is better!

  4. When we find a bug in the house, we have "bug rescue" missions to relocate them outside. None of us are fans of bugs in the house. :)

    1. Hey! Bug rescue missions are better than stomping on them! Good for you!


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