Tuesday, August 6, 2013

10 Things that Never come out Even

I was making a last minute dinner of spaghetti and meatballs last week and I ended up with too much sauce.  It seems to always happen that way or the other: too many noodles.  It got me to thinking about other things that never come out even.  It used to annoy me about hot dogs and buns too, but apparently those manufacturers got together and finally sorted that mess out!

But there are still quite a few...

Things that Never come out Even

  1. pencil/eraser--I usually use all of the eraser before I run out of pencil.  I guess that's why they sell all those toppers.
  2. chips/dip--Did you know you're supposed to pour some chips into a bowl and some dip into a separate bowl for your late night snacking?  It's bad for your diet if you just take the whole bag and dip container to the couch!  Either way, one always runs out before the other.
  3. spaghetti/sauce--The dilemma that started this whole line of thinking.  In this case, I ended up making a meatball sandwich the next day that was pretty good!
  4. chores/time--Actually, I'm not sure that I've ever finished *all* my chores and had leftover time...
  5. shampoo/conditioner--You buy a matching set in your favorite scent.  And then one runs out.  You can't buy just one, but if you buy both again you'll be stuck using the same scent forever!
  6. gas in rental car/vacation--The goal here is to return the car with exactly as much gas as they gave it to you with, but that never happens, right?  You either have too little and have to pay $10 a gallon for them to fill it up; or you top it off and leave them with extra gas that you don't get credit for.
  7. cake/frosting--Not that having leftover frosting is necessarily a bad thing.  I mean, you'll have to eat it to save room in the fridge, right?  And everyone knows that calories don't count when you're just cleaning out the fridge!
  8. quesadilla filling/tortillas--Another dinner problem.  I don't mind extra tortillas because I can make sandwich wraps, but what do I do if I run out of tortillas and still have filling left?
  9. popcorn/soda--I try to space it out so that I have one last sip of soda after the last nite of popcorn, but that never actually works.
  10. ice cream/chocolate syrup--Why are so many of these things food related!  Remind me not to blog when hungry!!
Can you relate to any of these?  Any other pairs that don't come out even?  


  1. So true! I definitely feel like that with chips and dip...every single time!-Ashley

    1. It gets ugly on the couch in the evenings at my house!

  2. Yes! The shampoo and conditioner gets me every single time!

  3. I love your list. I am actually ran out of hair conditioner a few days ago and remember being a bit annoyed that I still had an almost FULL bottle of shampoo sitting in there. I would probably weigh if chips and dip came out even. Then again, maybe not...

  4. This cracks me up, it's so true! The shampoo/conditioner drives me the most nuts!

  5. This is such a cool post! My mom and I love to think of things like this. Many people tell me their conditioner runs out first, but for me, the shampoo does! I always have extra conditioner. Sometimes I use it to shave my legs. Is that wrong? Chips and dips - yes! Remember dunkaroos? Never enough frosting. Although I suspect that would always be the case for me..

    1. I think conditioner is great for shaving your legs with! I do it that way on vacation so I don't have to pack shaving cream! And Dunakaroos are the ultimate violator here!!


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