Monday, July 15, 2013

Great Excuses for Getting Out of Bed After Bedtime

Don't misread the title.  These are not excuses that I think are wonderful.  My kids thought there were worth a shot and tried them out.  Last night.  All of them. Between 8 and 10.
Night, night, baby tiger

  • "I'm scared." This is Henry's go-to excuse.  Ask him what he's afraid of and he'll give you some pretty entertaining answers. None of which make sense.  He was even afraid of the night light at one point in the past!!
  • "The CD is scary."  Granted when I went in to fix the music, it was playing a story about goblins.  Henry is always requesting stories at night instead of music, but when he finally gets them, he complains!
  • {crickets}  Benjamin comes out of his room all blinky, rubbing his eyes.  He hasn't quite gotten the hang of the "get out of bed after bedtime" game.  He just knows Frances and Henry do it, so he thought he'd try.
  • "Did you give me a hug and a kiss?"  Yes, son, I did.  The first time I put you to bed!!
  • "Can you turn on the moon and stars light?'  This is Frances requesting me to turn on a light that has timed out already.  They theory is that they would be asleep before that happens, but last night? Not so much!
  • "My feet are sticking out."  I am sure that you are as shocked as I was to discover that after getting out of bed repeatedly, Henry's blankets are askew and now his feet are uncovered!
  • {bathroom break}  This is Frances just testing the waters. No words were exchanged, but I did give her the look.
  • "I stirsty."  Now Benjamin's got the game figured out!  So I got him a drink of water to take to bed with him.
And then, friends. I gave up and went to bed.  With all the house lights off, I think they decided to call it a night and stay in bed.

How about your kids?  Do they go to bed the first time?  Mine are usually pretty good.  I'll admit that they had just gotten back from a vacation and then a few days at Grandma's house. Last night was a record breaker for them though.  And I did keep my temper and didn't yell at them any of these times.  If they try that game again tonight, though, there may be consequences...


  1. My kids do this every single night. Every night. Does that need repeating? Haha! Excuses range from "I forgot to kiss you." "No you didn't, this is the fifth one you've taken." to "Did I tell you what happened to me last week?" or "Can I tell you about my dream that I had when I was three years old?". Any suggestions on how to put this to a halt? :)

    1. Honestly, no. I've tried being mean and then I feel awful. I do try not to make it exciting and fun for them, but sometimes they just get out of bed. And if one starts it I can pretty much guarantee that there will be more! :)

    2. I know. They have found their sweet spot, with "Can I have another hug and kiss please?" How am I supposed to say "no" to that? I don't want to discourage the loves, but by allowing it every time, I am encouraging them to get out of bed. They have put me in a vicious cycle. LOL.

    3. Oh, they've tried that! I got around it by tucking them in and sweetly asking how many kisses they would need before they went to sleep. I would loudly give them as many as requested and then tell them that was it for the night. Worked so far for us!

    4. Love this idea. And yay for no yelling with the extended bedtime ordeal! You rock!

  2. Bwahahahaha. This made me laugh! We get the "I forgot to give you a kiss!" all the time from my 9 year old. Love "my feet are sticking out". That one is a new one on me. I don't want my daughter to find out about it!! :D --Lisa

  3. Thank goodness, mine are usually really good about staying in bed. Cecilia has been stalling a lot when it comes to being tucked in, because she needs every. single. inch. of her body covered and then she moves and freaks out because her hands aren't covered anymore!

    The other night she started sobbing because "The cwack is too big!" - she sleeps in the crack between the bed and the wall and had decided that it had gotten too big (the bed is pushed as close to the wall as it can get). I'm trying to convince her to sleep IN the bed like a normal child, but she won't have it!

  4. We have at least one get-up each night - usually it's something one of them "forgot." After that, they settle down most of the time. :)

  5. Luckily I don't have that problem as yet but I can see it coming from Madison. :)

  6. This made me laugh out loud! Two nights ago the same thing happened here, as it often does. Last night I mean offered a reward. Anyone who stayed in their rooms without coming out would get something special for breakfast. No one came out at all. Though one person did call because the story on the CD was too scary.

  7. I am all too familiar with these! All of these actually!

  8. They definitely don't go the first time! Well the baby does but not my Scarlet! It's a whole routine we almost memorize until she changes it again. She usually will tell us something we forgot - teeth brushing, water, etc. and THEN ask to eat a piece of apple in bed. After the teeth brushing! Drives me crazy. And of course, she'll think of other funny things - "my lamp is crooked," "my closet door is open too much" or "my closet door is open too little." So much!


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