Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Frances' Sewing Camp

This summer I am again using a hodge podge of summer camps to keep my kids entertained (and supervised) for the summer. It takes a bit more planning and forethought than enrolling them in a local day care, but it actually works out better and cheaper so the extra work it worth it.

Right after we got back from Disney World, Henry went with my parents for an outdoor camp and Frances came home with us to attend sewing camp at a local fabric store.  They had four projects on the docket to complete in five mornings: A backpack, a three-tiered skirt, a pillow case and a pair of pajama pants.

The week before we left I took Frances down to the fabric store to buy materials for the camp.  It was sweet watching her look through all the fabric choices and exclaim over each one.  Wonder where she got that from?!

We got all the fabric picked out and washed and I decided it was a good time to show her how to iron.  So I searched the house for my iron and ironing board (hahaha!) and gave her a lesson.  Bless her sweet little heart-she loved it!!  If I actually ironed anything, I would gladly turn that job over to her now!

She was one of the youngest kids in the class, so she didn't quite get to finish two of her projects, but Ms. Shea graciously offered to let her come back another day and finish them at no extra charge!

She finished the backpack and skirt during camp week.  

sewing camp
She went back the next week to finish her pillow case and pajama pants. The striped part of the pillowcase is actually a little pocket where you can store a books, doll, stuffed animal, or other lovey.  She got to practice decorative stitching on that part!
sewing camp
 The pajama pants are red flannel with dogs all over them.  Not what I thought she would have picked, but she loves them!
sewing camp
 The backpack has a drawstring that doubles as the straps.  She wore it last week to carry stuff around with Deserae for the day.
sewing camp
I think the sewing camp was great for her to learn about sewing skills as well as listening and following directions; but it is truly amazing to see how proud she is of the things she made.  She tells complete strangers in the grocery store about her skirt or backpack and then goes on share about the pajamas and pillow case.  And she wears the skirt every time it comes out of the dryer!

We talked about what she would like to sew next and she mentioned a baby blanket, a sundress, doll clothes and possibly a pencil pouch for school.  Maybe next year! Or sooner, if I break down and buy that new sewing machine I was eyeing in the store!!


  1. That's so sweet! My mom loved to sew but unfortunately I couldn't sew to save my life. It's so nice when kids do things for themselves, I've noticed they seem to cherish them a lot more as well. Good for you Frances! Your work is very lovely.

  2. I am so impressed! I always wanted to learn how to sew!

  3. How wonderful! It's always nice to have something to show for your hard work.
    And I don't iron, either. I don't think my boys even know what it is for! :)

  4. She did a GREAT job! Love that idea for a camp, especially because at the end of the week they have something to show for their hard work! :)-Ashley

  5. A sewing camp is such a great idea. I'm so impressed with her creations!

  6. I need to go to a sewing camp myself! :) These are all so great -- tell her I said AWESOME JOB! ;)

    1. Our local store offers lessons. They actually helped me when I made Frances' First Communion dress. It's a great place!


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