Monday, June 24, 2013

The Disney World Post You've All Been Waiting For!!

Time keeps ticking; laundry keeps getting washed; dishes keep getting used and I keep putting off this post.  Not because I didn't have a great time (we did), but because there is so much to cover, I'm afraid I'll miss something!  That, and the fact that I felt behind all week at work last week and this week, I'm only working afternoons so I can do Vacation Bible School.

But I don't want to forget all the fun we had or make my mom wait any longer to see pictures from our trip, so here goes.

We went to Disney World right after school got out.  Actually we ended up flying down to Florida on Henry's birthday.  That would have been more fun if it hadn't been for the fact that our original flight got cancelled and then postponed and our arriving flight barely made it before a thunderstorm that prevented our luggage from being unloaded off the plane.  Stressful for the adults, but it didn't seem to faze the kids much.  The were just happy to be on an airplane, especially after spending so much time in the airport.

We got settled and had a late, late dinner on Saturday night before resting up for Sea World on Sunday.  The kids loved all the animals and the shows! I was quite excited by them too, to be honest.

Monday we spent at Epcot, Tuesday at the Magic Kingdom, Wednesday was a day off of sorts, Thursday we went to Animal Kingdom and Friday we went back to the Magic Kingdom.  It was hot, we walked a lot, people got cranky and tempers were raised, but my memory has mostly blocked out that stuff and I am choosing to remember:

Henry getting to eat ice cream at 9 PM on his birthday

Dancing killer whales

Benjamin facing his fear of large characters
Frances holding up the entire Epcot ball

Having another chance to work in a "Look kids! Big Ben...Parliament..." joke

Watching Ben try to jump out of the van on safari in Animal Kingdom because he was so excited about the animals!

Riding rides with my kids

And making memories together as a family!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the outtakes!


  1. So glad you had a great time!!! :) May all your days be Disney Days!!!

  2. Looks like so much fun! Can't wait to hear about all the outtakes! ;) Love the pictures...y'all look so happy! :)-Ashley

  3. So fun! I love the last picture! :)

  4. Disney - or any vacation for that matter - is for making those amazing family memories. I am so glad you got to make some great ones this month.

  5. Looks like such a fun trip! What wonderful photos! :)

  6. So glad you had such a good time!

  7. Fun! What did the safari driver say when he jumped out? Ours nearly had a heart attack when someone in our car stood up to take a photo. "WE MUST ALL SIT! WE MUST ALL SIT!"

  8. Ach! I can't wait to take my kids to Disney. I went when I was 2, so I clearly don't remember it!! :) Glad you all had such fun!


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