Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Styles

Don't worry, I'm not going to write a post about fashion.  That would just be too funny!  The summer styles I'm talking about here are the new summer haircuts that Frances and I got last week.  She had sewing camp all week while Henry was with my parents and Benjamin was at his day care.  I get off work at noon on Fridays, so we decided to go get our hair cut after her camp was done.

I think I've posted before about my problems with maintaining Frances' hair.  She keeps telling me she likes it long, but it's too hard for her to deal with on her own.  I had threatened a while back that I was going to make her cut it and she got really upset with me.

So imagine my surprise when we got to the salon and Frances said she wanted her hair cut up to her chin!  Especially when I had just said (in my head) that I would go ahead and get whatever kind of cut she got!!

So she got in the chair and she did it!! 

She also mentioned that she wanted to donate her hair.  Apparently the neighbor down the street has been teasing her about doing that, so she decided that's what she wanted to do.  We chose Children with Hair Loss and will be mailing them a package just as soon as I can get to the Post Office.



And my mom thinks we both copied her!!


  1. So cute! Does it feel so weird to have it short and light now?

    1. I think it's only weird when I lay down at night. I am so used to pulling my hair out from under my head, but now when I try there is nothing there! :)

  2. How cute that your mom thinks you both copied her. :) Little girl can be so hard to take care of, can't it? I'm hoping as my youngest gets older that she'll like it short. Either that, or my oldest daughter won't be allowed to move out - she'll have to be here to do her sister's hair every morning. Ha!

  3. You both look great! Short hair is so much cooler in the summer. Such a cute photo of you all together!

  4. Short hair is the best in the summer! You look very cute together! Are you loving it so far?!

  5. You both look so cute!

    When I have made a big change in my hair's length, I find that I notice it most when I brush or comb it. I start to brush or comb as if my hair is the same length, and then my arm keeps on going unexpectedly when my hair stops.

  6. ADORBS!!! You two match!! I absolutely love it!! My daughter's hair is SO much easier to take care of when it's in a bob right above her shoulders. Of course she's wearing it long now (ugh) but I can't wait until she changes her mind and gets it cut off again. --Lisa

  7. I love the bob cut! And it looks great on you and Frances! So stylish!


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