Tuesday, June 4, 2013

10 on Tuesday: Things in my Washer

I've posted lots before about my love affair with laundry. Truthfully, I don't completely hate it.  Washing, drying, and folding are fine with me.  I just hate putting it away!  And, frankly, that's sad; because my kids put their own laundry away and so does Ken.  I only have mine...and Benjamin's...and the sheets, towels, rags, napkins, tablecloths...see?!  Anyway, laundry is on my mind this morning, so I present to you...

10 Things I've Found in My Washer Lately

  1. Clean clothes--technically the only thing I should be finding in my washer.
  2. Tissues--standard washer fare, right?
  3. Mulch--As I told someone yesterday, I have probably found the equivalent of an entire tree in my washing machine the past few weeks.
  4. Mustard Packets--Finally figured this one out! Frances gets them off the condiment bar at school and then eats them.  The mustard, I mean.  As in she sucks the mustard out of the packet and then sticks the packet in her pocket.  We had a conversation about this and she's either stopped eating mustard or she's started throwing the packets in the trash.
  5. A Matchbox car--Not sure which son left it in his pocket. 
  6. Grocery coupons--I guess I have to claim this one. I must have left them in my pocket after a shopping trip.  Thankfully they were the ones I wouldn't have used.
  7. A baseball--I have no clue; don't even ask!!
  8. A Hanger--Gives you an idea how well I sort my clothes before I put them in, huh?
  9. Foam letter--Our bathtub toys sit right next to the hamper, so I guess it fell in the pile that way.
  10. Nothing--That's right!! For one day last week, I was totally caught up on all the laundry. (Only lasted a day though.)
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P.S.: Still lovin' my Woolzies in the dryer!!  No static, even with summer heat!


  1. I have found foam letters in our washer, too! And great job on catching up - that doesn't happen for me very often! :)

    1. I always want to celebrate when I get caught up, but then it seems like an avalanche of laundry follows my bragging: spills on the tablecloth, bed wetters, etc.

  2. I find tissues all the time! I never learn because I'm pretty sure they're all from me wiping my kids' noses a lot. It's not like my kids carry tissues around in their pockets! I also find lots of pennies and I've even found food that has come out nearly intact, which should tell me not to buy that strange surviving food again..

  3. LOL! I've pretty much seen them all except the baseball. :)

  4. My three year old loves to leave ‘presents’ in her laundry hamper. This week it was her hairbrush and a toy. One of the worst is when I find melted chapstick that was left in the Husband’s pocket. The hanger’s a good one, though!

  5. I find random stuff in the wash all the time! It's crazy.

  6. Caught up with laundry? I don't understand. Could you translate that into Underachieverese?

  7. I can't stop laughing. MUSTARD PACKETS??!! Hahahahaha. SO cute!
    I frequently wash mechanical pencils because my son doesn't EVER take them out of his pockets. It's infuriating. We get all manner of things in the wash over here, too. The hanger was SO FUNNY! I don't think I've done that one yet! :D --Lisa

  8. I'm with the Dose Girls - mustard packets? How did you manage that one????

  9. the best one on the list? NOTHING! That rocks! She sucks the mustard out? Love it, she sure has a definite taste bud.


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