Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ten Things I Would NOT Do if we Won a Million Dollars

As you have probably figured out by the fact that I don't live in Florida and I am still here posting inane things about my weekend and my pet peeves; I did not win the lottery last weekend.  Bummer! I'm not basing my whole retirement plan on winning, or anything, but I do have plans for that money!!

I even had a secret weapon this time, because right after I bought the ticket I found this four-leaf clover.  I put them in my wallet together so they could work their powers.
Alas, we did not win.  Then my mom sent me an email about a house she found for us to buy.  It was about twice our price range!  I emailed her back:

Yeah, she hadn't won either. So back to working hard and trying to save whatever we can.  That got me to thinking though. I promise I would stay humble and normal if we won.  Sure, we would change some things and spend some money, but there are some things that I hope would remain unchanged.

  1. I would not quit my job.  I *love* my job!  Sure, I might take some extra time off over the summer when the kids are out of school, but I wouldn't totally quit.
  2. I'd still be cheap.  Or frugal. That's the nice word for it, right?  I wouldn't want to become the kind of person who would spend money just because I can.
  3. I'd still recycle and buy re-useable things.  Millions of dollars won't leave a safe, habitable world for my kids, but good stewardship will.
  4. I'd still go to church and put my money in the collection plate (albeit much more than I do now).  My faith is important to me and my family.  So is my church family.
  5. I would still check out books from the library. Heck, I work in one!
  6. I'd still cook at home.  Going out to eat is a nice treat, but I enjoy cooking for my family.  I'd bet I'd enjoy it even more with a larger kitchen!!
  7. We'd keep walking to our errands and appointments when possible.  I like the exercise.
  8. My kids and I would still wear hand-me-downs.  I guess it's part of recycling and re-using, but I thought I'd point it out.
  9. I'd still visit blogs. I like the friends I've made and I love hearing their stores every day.
  10. I'd still write this blog. It's a great scrapbook of our family. My mom loves it. I have some faithful readers that visit me regularly (HI!) and hopefully my kids will enjoy it when they are older.
So, how about you?  I'll assume that you didn't win either (if you did, I just want you to know, in all seriousness: You've always been my very best friend!!).  So what would stay the same in your life if you hit it big?  Or would you change everything around?


  1. I would actually work really hard not to change our basic lifestyle. Like you, I would keep blogging. And I would want my children to know the value of money and giving back.
    For now, though, it is still a pipedream! ;)-Ashley

  2. I think it would be cool to be able to give to others and make some other dreams come true! Definitely something I would do more :)
    -Ashley Parrales

  3. I don't think our life would change much either. It would be nice to be able to give more and spend more time doing charitable things. But I want my kids to know the value of money and hard work. We might have steak more :) However since I never play the lottery, I don't think its even a possibility here!

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  5. I think it is so cool that you found a four leaf clover. And the fact that you found it on the day you bought your ticket? I would have totally thought that meant I was winning, too. (Although we rarely play, so the odds aren't good on that one.)
    I love how you said you would still cook for your family, although perhaps in a bigger kitchen. I feel exactly the same way! :)

  6. Yep, bigger kitchen a must! House with a garage, too. For the most part, though, we'd keep working, and living pretty much the way we do now - trying to be frugal and responsible. Though, being able to travel to visit family without stressing about the price of airline tickets would be nice. :/

  7. I love your list and so many things on my list would look the same. I'd still blog, still cook, still walk places and still be frugal. But I'd totally quit my day job. Totally!

  8. We don’t participate in the lottery, so we clearly didn’t win. That said, I’m right there with you on eating at home and continuing blogging. But I would probably quit my job!

  9. We didn't win either. Great list! I'd basically keep my life the same as well.

  10. I'd keep my job, too. I don't even know that I'd buy a new house or car. But I'd definitely hire a maid and upgrade or summer vacations!

  11. If I won, I would quit my job and work on starting my own business! It's been a dream of mine for some time now! :)


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