Thursday, May 23, 2013

Name That Plant! Please?!

Like all good Kindergartners, Henry has been learning about plants and life cycles as well as basic human needs. So, of course, his class planted seeds and he brought them home and instructed me to take care of them.  Me.  Of the brown thumb...

But I've done pretty well.  I've even kept this Mother's Day gift alive and blooming for over a month!!

Kinda proud of myself, here!
But every time I've asked him about the seeds he brought home, all he says is, "Food, Mommy! I planted food!  Because seeds grow into plants and we eat plants."  And I have no idea what these sprouts are and when/how I should transplant them.  There are six little sections, but only five of them are growing anything. (The back middle has teeny tiny sprouts that I apparently didn't photograph.)  Here they are. Help me out. Please?

Top view

Close up of front right

Close up of front left

Close up of back left

Close up of front middle


  1. Bean sprouts maybe? I feel like my kids have brought something like this before and it seemed like that was what it turned out to be.-Ashley

    1. I think they are all different, though. Pretty sure one of them is a bean sprout, though.

  2. Yep, one of them is a bean plant. I wouldn't eat it as a sprout, though. The grass-like thing might be corn. Seems kind of silly to have one cornstalk, because it has to be pollinated or there won't be any corn kernels to eat!

    1. I kinda thought it might be corn. And I knew it wouldn't ever amount to anything if it was. I guess there is good in watching a seed sprout and grow even if it can't meet its full potential.

  3. I have no idea. I'm awful with plants.


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