Friday, May 31, 2013

Five Minute Friday with Frances: Imagine

Frances decided that she would like to try a Five Minute Friday, so we did. So she talked and I wrote.  For the record, she's nine, but iPads are hard to type on.  I did a bit of editing afterwards, but it was only due to autocorrect making a big jumbled mess out of what I typed!  Without further ado, here's Frances' Five Minute Friday on "Imagine"

Imagine is when you, like, you think of something creative and you can express it sometimes. And it's really, really fun to imagine. And you have to be really creative to imagine things.

When Alex and I play with Robert and other people we have to imagine lots of things. And when Robert and me and maybe Hensy sometimes play horsey we have to imagine that there are horses and we have to pretend we are riding the horses and it's really fun to imagine.

You can do a lot of things like maybe you can pretend that you're eating some pickles when it's really something else. Like maybe you can pretend that you're a fairy and you're fighting the bad fairies. And it's really fun to imagine because you can do anything and anything can happen.

And when everything happens you just, like, are happy and it's really fun to do it because imagining is the work of everything. You can be almost everything and anything in the world and it's so fun and you can do many things combined. You can have superpowers. You can have a nice name that you don't really have. You can do everything in the whole world.  Sometimes you can do everything at the same time. Everything in the world at the same time. Like ride a horse and take care of a dog and go to work at the same time. You can travel around the world. And if you're in England you can buy a souvenir in Mali even if you're in England.
Sometimes what I like to do is pretend that I'm a princess and I make up different lives of princesses and that's what I do when I'm dreaming. And sometimes when I wake up, I'll still think of it when I'm up too early and it helps me stay calm. And that's what I like about imagining.


  1. love her ideas on imagine. Thank you for sharing. She is really something special.

    1. Now you've made her blush!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Frances,
    What a wonderful post. I can see you writing wonderful princess stories. I used to imagine that I could fly and I would travel to all different places. Never stop dreaming.

  3. That's great! Have you tried dragon dictation or some other speech to text program. I don't know how well it does with little kid voices.
    I'll share this with my kids.
    The dad from Desperate Homeschoolers

  4. Frances,
    It was a pleasure reading your post! You have such a beautiful and fun imagination! I hope you continue to participate in Five Minute Fridays! :)

  5. Frances (and mom),
    Thanks so much for sharing this. You have brought a smile to my day today. I feel like I got to travel the world with you. Imagination is so great! To join the link-up at Desperate Homeschoolers, please go here: At the bottom of the post you'll see "You are next...Click here to enter." If you click there, you can enter this post's address and you'll be #1 on our link-up! Thanks for participating, and please invite your friends!
    Tina (the mom from Desperate Homeschoolers)

  6. That is awesome. My Allie, who is also 9YO, has the same type of imagination. I wish they would never have to lose it

  7. Frances first -- really great post. I especially like two things: That you can have a nice name that you don't really have (I always wanted to be named Sarah) and "if you're in England you can buy a souvenir in Mali even if you're in England." How cool is that?? So good job!

    And Frances's mom: What an excellent mom, encouraging Frances to write a FMF post. Just excellent. :) Good job, Mom.

  8. How wonderful! I think it is so great that Frances wanted to share. Imagination is so important - and so much fun.

  9. Aww. I love it - both her writing it and what she wrote! Pickles, princesses, England. There's something for everyone.

  10. I love it! Sometimes, when I imagine, I totally imagine myself as a princess, too. :)

  11. Awww love this! I did the same I wrote they spoke, next time ill have the write! But loved what your daughter wrote!!

  12. Frances, you totally rock! And Rabia, you're pretty darned cool yourself for showing all of us that she does!

  13. Great thoughts on imagination! I hope that you are able to imagine so creatively for the rest of your life.

  14. Oh my goodness, cutest ever! Love the way her mind works...absolutely adorable! :)-Ashley

  15. How precious. I love this! The part about pickles is hilarious. I love her beliefs and imagination.


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