Friday, May 24, 2013

Five Minute Friday: View

I'm joining in again with Lisa Jo Baker over at Five Minute Fridays. You can find the rules and explanation in detail over there.  Basically, she posts a prompt on her site and people write for five minutes on that topic. No editing, no over-thinking; just writing.

The word of the week is "view."


I almost got upset with my husband last night. Our grass is really bad and needs to be mowed. I was out by the sandbox building castles with my kids and a few from the neighborhood when he came and got the mower out.  "Good!" I thought.  Then he started to mow the back yard.  "WHAT!?"  The front yard is what everyone sees!!  Then I realized that he was probably trying to avoid mowing the grass right next to where the kids were playing.  Silly me.  I didn't really see it from his point of view.

My kids like to copy each other. It's what kids do, right?  I did it to my brothers when I was young and they did it to me.  Henry gets mad at Benjamin about it. A lot.  Some of the time, Ben does it to be annoying.  That's what little brothers do.  But, honestly, sometimes Benjamin does it because he wants to be like Henry. He looks up to him and admires him.  So the copying isn't always about being a pain in the rear. Sometimes it's a compliment.  It depends on your point of view.

My work schedule this summer got changed. We were supposed to work shortened hours in the office because of construction and make up the rest of the hours "working from home."  Then the construction schedule got changed.  I mourned the loss of more hours home this summer.  I was annoyed by the abrupt change in the schedule that messes with my child care planning.  But I'm glad I have a job; a job that I love.  Another thing that depends on your point of view.


Five Minute Friday


  1. It really does depend on your point of view; perspective. Good thoughts to consider. I'm glad I stopped by for Five Minute Friday.

    Blessings and love,

  2. Great take on this word. Loved it! I would have totally done the same thing with the yard!-Ashley

    1. It's a great metaphor for our rationship! I am always more concerned about what people can see and what others think. Him? Not so much!

  3. The longer that my so-called jobless situation continues, the more perspective I have on it—and the more I accept that this is God's will and precious time.

    One's point of view is important. So is what one does to gain it and what one does with it.

  4. So many of our disagreements in my house are just about different points of view! I think you nailed it with your grass cutting story. I need to be more careful about remembering that there is actually more than one point of view (mine!).

    1. So true Abbey. I need to think about that before I open my mouth more often.

  5. Point of view is everything. I am impressed that you were able to take these 3 situations and turn them around.


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