Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Tale of Two Teddies

teddy bears
On the right you will see Benny. He is Ken's teddy bear from when he was a baby.  The clothes are newer than that.  So are his eyes and nose. That's a wife's job, ya know! Replacing the facial features of her husband's childhood teddy.  I won't tell you where Benny usually sleeps because that might embarrass my husband. :)

On the left is Benjamin's teddy bear. Henry bought it for him for Christmas at the school store.  It was quite a thoughtful gift and Benjamin has latched on to this bear.  His name, you ask?  Well...there was a time period back about 6-8 months ago that Benjamin refused to answer almost any question you asked him.  His only response was "nothing!" 

"What are you doing?"  "Nothin'!"
"What do you want for dinner?  "Nothin'!"
"Do you want a red shirt or a blue shirt today?"  "Nothin'!"

Do you see where this is going?  One day I asked, "What's the name of your teddy bear?"  "Nothin'!"  So it stuck. Technically, his full name is "Nothin' the Bear."  That's what we all call him now.

It causes delays in leaving the house:
"What do you want to sleep with at school today?" "Nothin'"  "Okay, let's go!"  "Waaaahhh!! I need Nothin'"

This morning, Benjamin had both Benny and Nothin' out on the couch sitting together.  I asked him some questions:
"Are Benny and Nothin' playing together?  Are they cousins?  Brothers? Friends?"

"No, Mommy!  Dey are bears!"

Thankfully, he doesn't quite know how to roll his eyes at me yet; but I can tell it's coming!


  1. haha, what a sweet and funny story!

  2. LOL, love how he got the name. Dino always rolls his eyes at me or just stares at me blanky...teen in training

  3. Burst out laughing at the bear's name...SO FUNNY!!-Ashley


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