Thursday, April 11, 2013

Student Worker Appreciation Week

This week my university is celebrating Student Worker Appreciation Week. We have such an awesome group of students here that I enjoy the opportunity to go all out and say thank you to them for the awesome job they do here. 

On Monday, I put out a Candy-Gram sign.  I've seen these before and I've always wanted an excuse to make one. I actually made the sign last year, but I bought new candy and put it out again this year. In front of the posters there are two bowls of assorted candy that the students (and I) have been snacking on it all week.

"In honor of STUDENT WORKERS APPRECIATION WEEK we would like to say thank you for all you do.  You do {Good & Plenty} around here. You process {Mounds} of books and other materials for students and professors. Instead of being {Nerds}, you have been real {LifeSavers} for professors who are having technology issues, or when their computers are running as slow as {Turtles}.  And thankfully you are not a {Butterfinger} when handling laptops and projectors.  We know that the lessons you are learning will help you both {Now & Later} in life.  You are definitely not {DumDums} when it comes to juggling school and work.  You are {Almond Joys} to have around. We are very fortunate to have hired such a group of {Smarties}. We wish we could give you {100Grand} on {PayDay}, but you will have to settle for {Hugs} and {Kisses} and a {Symphony} of voices saying "thank you!"

My co-worker also made confetti cookies on Monday and those were a delicious addition to the sugar coma we started!

On Wednesday, I brought in BBQ and cole slaw.  Apparently the whole outer area smelled good enough that several students commented on it when they walked in.  To those students who were studying and completing class projects, I must apologize for the teasing aromas coming from my office.  It could have been worse-you could have been me sitting two feet away from a crock pot of BBQ all day!!

Today my boss brought bagels and orange juice for everyone, so the day has started out quite nicely.  Friday another co-worker is bringing a "candy bar."  As in an open bar of a variety of candies that the students can mix, match and bag up. 

Next week should be back to business as usual. It's a good thing too.  Otherwise, I might need to go buy some new clothes because those new dresses I talked about yesterday aren't going to fit so well if we kept this up any longer!

Megan, Kelsey, Lauren, James, Michelle, Jessica, Ashley, Deserae, and Kate: You guys rock! Working with you on a regular basis is one of the reasons why I love my job so much!  P.S. Next week you'll have to bring your own food, sorry!


  1. That. Is. Awesome!!! I've never seen one of those before!! So clever and so fun!! That was such a nice thing for you to do! :) --Lisa

    1. We've got great students here! I love working with them!!

  2. What a great idea! I love the sign and all of the treats sound delightful - I am sure that everyone is enjoying the week.


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