Monday, April 15, 2013

Do You Believe in Fairies?

Frances does.  Wholeheartedly. A year or two ago I showed her a fairy circle in our yard.  She was fascinated with it.  She loved putting flowers in the circle for the fairies and finding little sticks or berries she could leave as offerings.  Well all the snow and ice we got at the end of winter has been good for our yard and the fairy circle is back-bigger and better than ever!

See the darker ring of green?

She had been adding little things to it off and on over the past week, but Sunday afternoon some friends came over and things really took off! S* brought her four year old sister, A* with her, so I had five kids in my yard between the sandbox and fairy circle. 

I loved all the descriptions of what they were bringing to the fairies.

This branch is an entire collection of fairy blankets

See that stick?  It's a cane.  You know-For the old fairies!


And the love with which they placed all their offerings!

And my heart just melted when I walked up on this scene in the backyard!

At dinner, Frances explained all about the fairies and that she hoped they would be able to use all of the gifts they had been given.  I said something to the effect of, "I'll bet S* and her sister had a great time imagining with you."  And Frances deftly replied with, "What do you mean 'imagining?'  Fairies are real! Don't you believe!!" And I truly didn't have an answer for her.

And in all seriousness, it makes me a little bit sad to mow the yard!


  1. So sweet!!! There are tons of awesome books about fairies that she can read, too. When she gets older, the Fablehaven series is AWESOME!

    1. I looked them up on Amazon and I'll have to check into getting some of these for my library!

  2. You could frame the pictures of the offerings, they are beautiful! I love this story.

    1. Thanks Angela, I am so bad about printing pictures, but I should get better!

  3. Adorable pictures. I would love to believe in fairies :D
    It's never bad to have hope :)

  4. I believe in Elves and Fairies. I'm surprised they have put up with US for so long. They must be very kind, or else they are very amused. The offerings look absolutely perfect for your fairy troupe, Frances. Keep up the good work.

    I was raised in a partial woods and my brother and I did ritual appeasements to the fairy folk, as well.

  5. I saw a bunch of little girls building fairy houses at the park yesterday out of leaves and sticks and rocks. My daughter's eyes were so wide watching the older kids do this. I think I have a believer now!

  6. So sweet! My six year old daughter is enthralled with fairies and is definitely a believer. She was bored one day so I said to her "Why don't you go outside and build a fairy house?". She was outside for hours! I have never thought to tell her about the 'fairy ring' in our own back yard (a strange patch of grass that never grows properly). Thank you so much for the idea!!


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