Thursday, March 14, 2013

On the Go Meals

I've been thinking all week that this Thursday would be our last peaceful one before the craziness of soccer season kicks in. That was before I remembered Heritage Night at my kids' school tonight.  So, apparently last week was my last normal Thursday; but of course we were snowed in then.  Must have been...Oh who am I kidding! Nothing is ever normal around here!!

However, starting next week our Thursdays are about to get a bit more crazy.  I would detail it out, but then some stalker might know exactly where we were at any given moment, and y'all know that's not good!

Suffice it to say that Thursday nights will now involve two children in four different activities, a kid swap between parents, and no reasonable way to sit down at a table and eat dinner.  In the past this would have been a great excuse for the drive-thru; but that is neither healthy or financially savvy.  So what are we to do?

I have a few meals that can be packed up and taken with us.  The obvious ones involve sandwiches, but the kids eat those every day for lunch (and Daddy packs them, so I am not messing with that set up).  This will involve some re-arranging on our regular menu plan, but I think I can do it.

The older two like quesadillas and there are lots of ways to make those.
All three love it when I make homemade "lunchables."  Those don't involve much more than cutting cheese and meal into small squares and adding some crackers.

I can usually get them to eat salmon balls (please, somebody give me a better name for these!!) which are basically fish cakes in a smaller, more spherical shape.

What do other families do on nights like these?  Drive thru? Late dinner at home? No dinner?  Any suggestions to share with the rest of us??


  1. Some other on the go meals we use include hard boiled eggs and biscuits, cold noodle salad, leftover pizza. Good luck!

    1. Hard boiled eggs sound good! The kids would eat those!

  2. We have three nights a week that are crazy with kids going every which way. I NEED some quick on-the-go meals. I always forget about quesadillas! Excellent!! --Lisa
    Ps. you should never call them anything but salmon balls. That is just too good.

    1. OK, we'll keep them as salmon balls. My kids don't even get why I laugh whenever we eat them!


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