Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Love You Infinity

This past weekend I participated in my first Saturday Sharefest over at the SITS blog. SITS is a blogging community for women and on Saturdays they host a Twitter party where bloggers can link up their favorite posts for the week.  During the Twitter party and afterwards you can go visit lots of fun blogs and meet new people. 

I saw a blog come across from a blogger that I recognized.  I have visited Kim @ Co-Pilot Mom before and I love her stories about her family.  This particular post caught my eyes because in it she talks about a fun routine she used to have with her son when he was younger.  She tried it again recently and realized he had forgotten their routine.

I, too, have had some fun routines get lost.  It seems that Frances' memory is usually better than mine and she often remembers a routine that I have forgotten.  Or she will teach it to the boys and help to carry it on a bit longer. 

We've had one in particular that has been passed on for quite a while.  It started with the sign language sign for "I love you." Frances or I would flash that sign to the other randomly throughout the day.  Then I started responding with two fingers, as if to reply, "I love you too." That exchange was it for a while and then somebody added in the sign for "more."  This year, as a big, smart, third grader, Frances made up a sign for infinity (it looks like a sideways 8 on paper) where she holds her fingers up to her eyes like goggles.

Then exchange can get silly sometimes and it's always a quick and easy way to touch base whether it's across the room, out the bus window, or to share a private moment in a public place.

I love you.

{I love you} too.
{I love you} more.

{I love you} to infinity.


  1. Aw! So sweet! Thank you so much for the shout-out - so happy that it inspired you to record and share one of your family's special routines and memories. :)

  2. Isn't Sharefest great? I look forward to it each time. And I loved that post. When my daughter was very young when I left the house I would come to the window where she'd be waving and I'd use my fingers to draw a heart. She didn't get it quite right, but would try to draw a heart right back. It was the best. I had forgotten about that until now.

  3. How cute! I don't think I had any routines like that with my sons, and as they are now 20 and 21 it's a bit late to start - lol!!
    While I'm here I notice you have visited my blog before and I wondered if you would like to visit again and play my new meme, Tuesday Choices. I would be really grateful if you would as I don't want to be the only person doing it!

  4. So cute! I love little routines like that. Glad that you joined Sharefest. It is really fun!

  5. So cute ! I also realy like it .It is great

  6. So sweet! I wish I had a sign to show you thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog. It means a lot to me. :)

  7. That's so sweet! I found you on the Sharefest. Happy you're participating!

  8. Here from SITS Sharefest- adorable routine! They will probably teach it to their own kiddos someday.

  9. That is adorable for sure. :) My husband and sons wink each eye at me from across a room or in sticky situations to make me smile. ;) So, I know how important those special little singles mean to a person.

  10. This is such a sweet thing for you to share with each other. Sharefest is one of the most active hops I participate in. No matter how busy I am, I always link and then hop later if need be. It's great for meeting people and getting love on your favorite posts.


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