Friday, February 15, 2013

Fill-in-less Friday

Our host over at Friday Fill-Ins has not posted any new ones today, so I am at a loss for posting! (I hope she's not snowed in or out of power.)  Oh no! I have to think of something to write all by myself! 

So here's some random stuff, just for you, my dear blog readers:
  • Ken made heart-shaped meatballs for our spaghetti last night.  Our dinner conversation consisted of discussion whether they were heartballs or meathearts.  I'm sorry if that makes you never want to eat dinner at our house! They were really good, though!
  • I just started using Twitter. Apparently I have had an account for a long time, but I totally forgot about it.  When I tried to register for a new account, it told me there was already one set up for that address.  I am still not sure exactly how Twitter works or how it is different from Facebook statuses, but I do know that my mom won't be there, so maybe I can occasionally say a cuss word without getting in trouble.  My Twitter handle is @Lieber0623, so come follow me if you want.  Or just give me some Twitter tips in the comments.  If you tweet them to me, there's no guarantee I'll see them!!
  • I am having a ton of fun blogging lately.  I've "met" some other interesting people and gotten to know them through their writing.  I've gotten comments from new people lately and I am enjoying the camaraderie.  I have been trying to get more involved with a blogging community called SITS, and it's neat to see all kinds of different bloggers all coming together to network. And I am also trying to get my student workers involved in blogging so they can see how much fun it is.  I even got called a "blogspiration" today!!
  • I am taking the kids to my parents' house this evening.  All three of them are out of school on Monday, so Grandma is offering free babysitting.  They were so excited when I told them, they didn't even bother to complain when I asked them to pack.  **Note to self, double check the socks and underwear in the suitcase!**  I'll spend a day or two with my family and then come back home.
  • Here's a Fill-In for you: ___________is a great book and I could read it over and over again!  I would have to cheat (on my own question) and say the Harry Potter series.  Also the Wizard of Oz books. 


  1. Awww, you definitely encourage me to blog! And I look forward to reading your stories every day!!

    I hope the kiddos have lots of fun at Grandma's house!

    For the fill-in: I know I'm supposed to be an adult, but I'd have to say anything by Judy Blume or Andrew Clements :-)

    1. Nothing wrong with young adult and youth literature! I love Judy Blume too!! I have to look up Andrew Clements. Do we have his books? Maybe you should add some to the list! :)

  2. Heartballs rolls off the tongue better, in my opinion :p
    I'm a new twitter follower. I'm not so great at it, so no tips here. Glad to hear you're a blogspiration to someone!

    1. Hi Nessa! I followed you back! Heartballs got my vote too!

  3. Yay for blogging and Twitter! I am following you on Twitter now. I was pretty overwhelmed when I first joined, but now I really like it. It's great for discovering new blogs and posts - lots of sharing there. Also, The SITS Girls have had some great Twitter tips posts that might be really helpful to get you a little more familiar with it. :)

  4. The "heartballs" are adorable! :) I followed/joined SITS some time ago, and haven't made the most of it. I should look into it more, and be more active on my blog in general.

    As for my book of choice... so hard to narrow it down to one, but it would probably be Gone With the Wind.

  5. Oh I love the heart shaped meatballs - so cute! Twitter can be fun - following you now ;)

  6. Just followed you on Twitter! Yay!!

    The book I read over and over again is Pride and Prejudice. I read it at least once a year!


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