Tuesday, January 29, 2013

National Puzzle Day

Quick Update from yesterday: We had Mac and Cheese for dinner and the kids loved it, so I am officially changing our regular menu to add macaroni and cheese.  Thanks to Zippiknits for the suggestion. Zippiknits, if you'll email me your name, address and a few of your favorite colors I'll get a photo book out to you soon! And don't forget your mac and cheese recipe!  My email address is rabia{dot}lieber{at}gmail{dot}com. 

In other news, today is National Puzzle Day.  I *love* puzzles!!  Growing up, my dad always had puzzles spread out on the table.  I would sit next to him in the evenings and try to help put them together.  I remember one he had was a red, round circle.  That's it! No other clues for piece placement at all!

I don't often work jigsaw puzzles now; mainly because the kids would ensure that the pieces were strewn everywhere around the house. Also because flat surfaces in my house tend to collect junk so I try to avoid having them.  I do, however, enjoy puzzles on paper.  I like Sudoku and other math type puzzles the best.  Ken loves crosswords, Crypto-quotes, and those anagram quote puzzles in the newspaper.

You can play Sudoku here online.

I also like logic puzzles:

And I love this "Japanese IQ test" puzzle. I *know* the solution. I've completed the puzzle twenty times and it still confuses me when I try it out. (The site is in Japanese.  Click "Play Here" and then click the blue button on the right.) But I just tried it again and got it!!

So tell me. Do you like puzzles?  What kind?  Any great new puzzle sites to share with me??


  1. www.conceptispuzzles.com -- nice variety of logic/number puzzles, with one of each type free every week

  2. I love puzzle games. I play on onemorelevel.com.

  3. I love puzzle games. I just have to be in the mood to play them.

  4. I haven't had mac and cheese in ages. I should remedy that.


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