Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Elf on the Shelf

I will admit it. We have an Elf on the Shelf.  His name is Bobby.  Frances named him that back when she was the only one of our children who could talk.  Ahhh...those were the days...
Sorry! I got lost in a memory there!!

Anyway, unlike some other people who have too much time on their hands, our elf is quite boring.  Bobby started out his visit this year by hiding in the kitchen cabinet.  Why the kitchen cabinet, you ask?  Because it took me an hour to find the blasted thing Saturday morning and I needed a place the kids hadn't already seen.
I hid him in my sleeve, snuck into the kitchen and then very nonchalantly asked Frances to come put away a few groceries that were still in a bag on the floor.  She asked me three times which shelf to put it on before she looked high enough to see him.  Then the kids came in the kitchen and giggled for about 10 minutes.

He has also been seen swinging from the ceiling fan and sitting on the shelf with his arms around a Willow Tree angel.  Today he is sitting in the key holder by the front door.  Unfortunately, I am running out of places to put him that the kids can see but not touch.  Yesterday he fell over on the dining room shelf halfway through the day and the kids about lost it!

Frances totally believes in this little elf who goes to the North Pole and tells Santa about her day, but I'm not sure Henry is buying it.  He had a rough day on Saturday and was doing a lot of yelling and foot stomping.  That evening I was talking to him about his day and I asked him what he thought Bobby was going to tell Santa about him for the day.
"He's inside the cabinet. He can't see anything anyway!"
was his reply.  Then I informed him that Bobby could still hear him and his eyes got all big and I could almost see him replaying his day inside his head. Gotcha!!


  1. An elf who's an informant... that's clever. I should do that to my husband. Hey, it might work...

  2. LOL! HILLLARIOUS! We are doing Elf on the Shelf for the first year this year. I guess I would be one of "those moms who has too much time on her hands" because so far I've done some interesting things with! This is just our third day though so I'm sure by next week, I'll be slacker! LOL! Totally funny about the reaction of the kids when it fell over!

    1. Oh...and I'm visiting from SITS!

    2. Sometimes I wish I could be an overachieving Elf Mommy, but I consider it good enough that I remember to move him every night before I go to bed. There are some mornings I've had to fly out of bed to go move him before the kids get up!

  3. We just started Elf on the Shelf this year, and ours has spent at least three of the last 6 mornings in the same spot…just doing different things. I love the idea of the cabinet though!

    1. We've been trying to put him in a different spot every time, but I keep forgetting at night and have to jump out of bed in the morning before the kids wake up!! Today he's in the refrigerator. This will be interesting!


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