Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin Patch, Take 3

Benjamin had a field trip to the pumpkin patch two weeks ago and Henry went last week.  Frances realizes that she is outgrowing the "field trip" part of the pumpkin patch, but she still really wanted to go.  I was worried because Ken's schedule has been really tight lately and I didn't think we'd get to go as a family.  He happened to mention something on the way to church Sunday and I realized he had the day off, so we planned a last-minute trip to go pick some pumpkins.
While Frances was in Sunday school, we went to the grocery store. We got the essentials for the week as week as some picnic stuff.  We made a quick trip home to put away the perishables and then picked up Frances from Sunday school on the way to the pumpkin patch.
We wanted to picnic at the tables they have available, but apparently they don't allow outside food or drink (unless you are part of a field trip) so we went back out by the van and ate our lunch in the grassy parking area.

 When we got inside, the kids had some time to play. They tried to lasso each other a cow.

 Then they went down the 20 foot slide (twice).

 We found some photo-ops.

 And Benjamin learned to slam dunk (with a little help from Daddy).
 The kids made their way through the cat's cradle maze.  Benjamin just walked under everything. He was the first one out and he yelled, "I did it!!"
 Then we tackled the actual corn maze.
 We let Benjamin decide which direction to go at each of the crossroads.

 Much, much later, we managed to find our way out!! And then we went to pick pumpkins.

We were all pretty exhausted when we got home. No one complained after dinner, when I sent everyone to bed 30 minutes early!  I'm so glad we had this unplanned excursion!

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