Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Dictionary Day!!

In honor of Noah Webster's birthday, today is "National Dictionary Day!" I took this list from "mental_floss" of 35 Modern Words Recently Added to the Dictionary to see what kind of a post I could write.

So chillax your crunk self and check out this droolworthy post.  Unless you are an illterati, you know there has been lots of discussion on the news lately about "Frankenfood."  Our family has been trying to eat healthier and therefore we have become a bit more locovoracious (I took some liberties there, obvs).  The kids totes enjoy eating vegetables and are fairly easy to convince when trying new foods.  I enjoy not worrying about a muffin top and whatevs.
Since I am totes a noob at textspeak, this post has been a bit difficult to write.  I hope you aren't haters at this point and that none of you feel the need to unfriend me.  If you have considered sending the po-po after me, please consider the truthiness of this: I did not attempt to use the words guyliner, jeggings, mankini, or sexting. (Mainly because I really didn't want to go in that direction!)
I am truly of the mind that if this is the direction in which our lexicon is headed, then OMG, I am very afraid for our future!
What say you?

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