Thursday, October 11, 2012

Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Henry had his first Kindergarten field trip yesterday. He was very excited about it. He mentioned it Tuesday night at dinner and I asked him if he knew who was going with him.  He yelled, "DADDY!! 'Cause Daddy goes on all the field trips!"  I think Ken smelled an onion (or had a sudden allergy attack) at that comment.  I told Henry that I was going too and he was very excited. (I don't think I have been on a field trip since Frances was in Kindergarten.)
The sad thing is Henry woke up Wednesday morning very excited about his trip to the pumpkin patch, and then freaked out when I kissed him goodbye to go to work. I think he thought I was going to school with him. I had to explain that I would meet him at school for the trip. *(As a side note-I love this pumpkin patch for field trips. Other pumpkin patches in the area are great for families, but too overwhelming for a whole classroom. This one has a great amount of stuff to keep the kids occupied without making a teacher or parent paranoid about losing kids)
 I got to the school as the kids were doing the pre-trip bathroom break.  We helped them get loaded on to the bus and then drove over in the truck.   We were introduced to three stations and each class started at a different one.  Our group started at the story-telling station.

The host re-tells the story ofThe Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything.
(PS-If you click that link and buy the book, I will get a commission, just FYI)

I love that story. The host gets kids to come up and act out the parts of the boots, pants, shirt, gloves, hat, and scary pumpkin head as well as the little old lady.  Henry got to be the gloves that go "clap, clap."

 After the kids retold the story, we got to go over and stuff our own scarecrow. Mrs. Burgess had brought a shirt and pants and we stuffed it full of straw and fixed it together. 

Then we got to go see the pigs and feed the baby cows.

Next we took a hay ride up to the pumpkin patch. 
 The kids all got to search around to find a pumpkin to take home. They just had to find one they could carry.  Henry inspected practically every pumpkin up there!!

 He finally settled on this tall, skinny one.

Then we had to wait around for a bit because the tractor had broken down. Some of the kids decided to dog pile Ken, which was quite amusing and I got a great picture of it that I can't really post (because I don't have parental permission).  In my head, I titled the picture "Daddy's Last Field Trip!"

We managed to get back across the creek and have lunch before sending the kids back to school.  We followed the bus back to school and helped the classes to get unloaded.  I held the door as the kids were going inside because they all had their hands full of pumpkin.  One little girl was lagging behind, so I called her name (I could see it written on her pumpkin) to catch up to her class.  This started a chain of little 5-year olds telling me their names.  One little boy walked past me and with a completely serious face says, "My name's Batman."  Of course, I responded, "Nice to meet you, Batman."

We had a great time at the pumpkin patch and I hope I get to go on another field trip soon!

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