Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Live in a Zoo!

I'll bet most parents have looked around at their children and house at least one time and thought to themselves, "This place is a zoo!"  Well I said it out loud to Ken this morning.  Benjamin was walking around the house yelling "baa!"  I asked him if he was a sheep and he just looked at me and said it louder, "BAA!!" He seemed quite agitated.  I was trying to get ready for work and get the kids moving to get ready for school and camp. And here's Benjamin walking around in his diaper and pajama shirt yelling "Baa! Baa!" I didn't get it until he followed me into the kitchen as I was getting breakfast ready.  When he pointed at the counter and yelled "BAA!" I finally realized that he wanted a banana!  So I got it down, opened it, and handed it to him.  Then instead of saying "Thank you" he turned and walked away saying "ooh-ooh aah-ahh!"  What a monkey!!

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