Monday, July 30, 2012

Is This All I Post About!?!

Groceries and cleaning, cleaning and groceries. My life revolves around these two things! We usually make a grocery run after church on Sundays, but this Sunday I had to meet my parents at home to get the kids' stuff back before they went home.  Also, Ken had to work, and I didn't feel up to grocery shopping by myself on little sleep and an empty stomach.
We went home and the kids had lunch and went to take naps. No one even complained, so I am sure they were tired.  I took a short nap and read a book (Inkheart). After everyone was done napping, we loaded up the van and headed to the store. This is week three of our menu experiment and I was excited to see how little I could have us spend. I had rearranged a couple of things just to take advantage of what we already had, so I was convinced that this would be a small trip.

In the end, we spent $89.22.  I bought a lot of fresh produce because there were some good sales. I didn't have to buy very much meat, though, so that is where we saved.
When we got home the kids helped put away the groceries. Henry is getting pretty good at sorting the fruits and veggies and putting them in the correct drawers. Frances' job is to hold the refrigerator door shut because apparently Benjamin's job is to try and shut the refrigerator door at all costs!

I made ham and mac-n-cheese for dinner. It wasn't in the plan, but we got sidetracked with the yard sale over the weekend, so I went with it.

We are back at the beginning of our cleaning rotation, so Monday we worked on the kids' room together after dinner.  Things went a little bit more smoothly as the kids and I have a better idea of how things work. Plus the little, itty bitty "dent" we made last week was mostly still there and we made it just a teensy bit bigger. Henry's main job was to get all the stuffed animals out of his bed and put them in a bin. Do you know that he filled a 40 gallon Rubbermaid tote with all the stuffed that had been in his bed?!?!  I told him he could put 5 back. He seemed fine with that, but now I wonder where to put all the rest.
Frances cleaned up a lot of her dress up clothes in her closet.
Benjamin climbed into his crib and "accidentally" dropped his "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" doll repeatedly.  Then he had to have help to climb out and get it again. He did mostly stay out of the way, though, so I was happy. 
The kids no longer complain (much) when I announce that it's cleaning time. It has started to become part of our routine. They like picking which countdown time and which music we will use on our timer app and I try to make it a little bit fun when we all work together. Plus they know that after all the work is done, they get to put on their PJs and watch tv until bed time. It's not really a bad deal!

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