Thursday, July 26, 2012


Last night I got to help with a great community event called FundFest.  FundFest is a fundraiser for local charities.  They can apply to be a "host" for the event and then the chosen organizations help out on their assigned night.  At the end of the season, all the profits are pooled together and split equally among the chosen charities. It think that's great because if your assigned night is rained out or not well attended, you still make money off of it.  The afterschool program that Frances and Henry go to/will go to were chosen to host this year and since I am on the board, I went along to help out. We set up a fence around the perimeter of the area and set up tables for the food and drink vendors. We also put up signs for advertisements and a big Second Home sign since we were the hosts. At the end of the night we just did everything in reverse. It was a big job, but we have enough people pitching in that it went very smoothly.  Last year Second Home made $1600 off this event!!
FundFest runs from 6-8:30 PM every other Wednesday during the summer. Each night has a different local band playing. You make a $2 donation to get in and then you can just hang out, listen to music, and have fun. You can buy pizza and drinks (beer, wine, soda and water) but you can't bring in outside food.  I helped with the pizza and soft drink table along with some other Second Home board members. We had a blast!  The music was great, the conversation was engaging and the people watching was fabulous!
I am hoping that we can take the family for one of the remaining nights.I think they would all enjoy it.

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