Saturday, May 26, 2012


 Ken had the day off Saturday for Frances' dance recital so we decided to spend the morning picking strawberries (AKA "strawbeebees" in Benjmain-speak).  My dad came along with us, but my mom stayed behind.
We rode out on the tractor to the field and got our row assignment.  Benjamin was mad about having to get off the tractor, but once he saw the strawberries, he got over it. He started picking and eating right away.  He only took one bite out of each strawberry before dropping it and moving on to the next one. 
Frances and Henry went ahead of us with their own box.  They picked a good deal of berries together before they started eating.
I washed and hulled half of the strawberries Saturday afternoon.  I made some freezer jam and then put the rest on a cookie sheet with waxed paper and booby trapped the freezer placed them carefully in the freezer.

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