Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day in Richmond

Ken had Saturday off for Frances' recital and Monday off for Memorial Day, so he ended up with a three day weekend!! We didn't have other plans already, so I decided that we should go visit his grandmother in Richmond. We haven't seen her for about two years, so we were overdue a visit.  I made the arrangements and we left Sunday after church.  We made pretty good time and got there a bit earlier than anticipated, but we had a nice visit with Ken's aunt and uncle who now live with his grandmother.

Frances and Gramma

Benjamin with Frances' and Gramma's feet!
Then his Aunt Patti (his mother was the oldest of 8!) showed up with her daughter unexpectedly, so we had more family to visit with.  Then Aunt Sharon arrived with her three kids and we had the makings of a pretty big party!  The 16 of us decided to go out to Cici's Pizza for dinner and we had a great time visiting, talking, and playing! Ken said it was nice to see his cousins as adults. (He is the second oldest cousin out of all I-don't-know-how-many). 

Frances and Katy
After dinner we went back to Aunt Sharon's house to spend the night.  That was interesting because Benjamin flipped out in the Pack-n-Play and ended up starting the night with me on the couch. When he fell asleep, I moved him and then when he woke up in the morning I moved him back for a little bit more sleep.  We spent the day at the Metro Richmond Zoo with Aunt Sharon and two of her kiddos.  I'll do that one in the next post.

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