Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Review

Henry was up coughing all night on Friday again, so I decided to take him to the doctor's office. As much as I hate hearing, "It's just a virus, you'll have to wait it out; thanks for the $25 co-pay."  I was willing to risk it just in case there was something they could do. It turns out that I was mostly correct in assuming it was just a cold.  But the kid's got crappy lungs and that is where this cold had taken up residence.  The doctor assured me it was not pneumonia or bronchitis and that he wasn't any more contagious than any other kids with a cold. However, he did give Henry some prednisone to help his lungs toughen up and kick this cold to the curb!
After the appointment we went to Applebee's for a fundraiser for Frances' after school program. They were selling pancakes for $5 per person.  We ate our (late) breakfast and got as sticky as humanly possible before we headed home.  Since I hadn't slept since Wednesday, I put in a movie and we watched 101 Dalmatians together while chilling out on the couch.  I managed to take a nap while the movie was on and Benjamin took one after it was over.  We honestly didn't do much else on Saturday.  We even ordered Chinese take-out because getting off the couch was not in the cards for me. We did manage to finish the kids' Valentine's Day cards for school.
My boys watching tv with their Pillow Pets
Henry slept from bedtime on Saturday night until 4 am Sunday morning, which was cause for much celebration for me.  Sunday we did church, grocery store, naps. etc as usual. I made a yummy potato soup for dinner and then decided to freeze the rest of it because our fridge is getting too full.  I got way off the cleaning bandwagon this weekend and I totally blame it on being tired, but for anyone who knows me; that's just a convenient excuse.  For the record, though, here's what I did last week: Monday I did 20 minutes of cleaning in the bathroom. Wednesday I did 30 minutes in the kitchen and Thursday I did 30 minutes in the dining room. My goal is to add one more day this week and get in 30 minutes of cleaning on four different days. I have been pretty consistent about using my lunch break to do dishes and laundry, so I will keep up with that. Anybody out there (besides my mother) want to be my cleaning accountability partner?  We could send each other gentle reminders to get off the couch and put something away.

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