Friday, February 3, 2012

S'up Dawg!

Last night we went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner. Ken was out of town with his dad and I had forgotten to get dinner prepped ahead of time...OK, really I was just being lazy. So anyway, we went to CFA for dinner.  Henry had worn his Halloween costume to school that day, because it's just a sweatsuit and he loves it. 
After we got our food, Henry wanted to pick out our seats. He walked ahead of me to a table, passing a group of college students on the way.  I was far enough back to be out of immediate sight, but not so far that I couldn't hear what was going on.  As Henry passed the college guys, one of them said, "S'Up Dawg!?"  Henry really didn't take notice, but as I walked past, I was laughing. Then I heard the student say (much more quietly this time), "Shoot! Mom heard!!"  So I of course had to turn around and congratulate him on a well-phrased funny.  He seemed a little embarrassed, but we all laughed and went on about our evening.  I love this town!

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