Thursday, February 9, 2012

Conversations with Henry

I have mentioned before my trips to day care and work in the mornings and afternoons. Benjamin is pretty quiet in his car seat except for the occasional "BUH!" (bus) or "COO-COO!" (train).  Henry and I can have some pretty interesting conversations when Frances isn't around to interrupt:

Henry: Mommy, why do I sink in the water?
ME: Ummm...Because you aren't buoyant enough.  Your density is more than the density of the water you are in. *(Sometimes if I give a long, complicated answer he will just accept that and move on.)*
Henry: No, Mommy. I sink in the water because I am heavy. I am too big!
ME: OK, then. Well, why do boats float?  They are big. They are heavy.
Henry: MOMMY! (Can you hear his eyes rolling up in his head?  I can.)  We are not talking about floating. We are talking about sinking!  I sink because I am too big!
ME: Oh. OK. Thank you for explaining it to me.  Look! A bug!!

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