Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Plea to the Tooth Fairy

The kids had a dentist appointment this week. This kids love going to the dentist!  I know that sounds crazy, but the dentists at our dentist's office are both really great. One guy goes to our church and the other woman is just really friendly and sweet.  The hygienists are awesome too!  Unfortunately, their teeth don't look so great.  :(  Part of the problem is remembering to brush every night. Part of the problem is that their teeth are so squished together that it is very hard to clean between them.  Even the hygienist had trouble with all her special dental tools.  Henry is going to have to have some cavities filled in his back teeth. We also talked a bit about his thumb sucking habit.  His bite and his teeth have been already been affected and we have been talking with him about quitting, but it's not as easy as just taking away a pacifier.
On the way home from the dentist, I talked with the kids bout being better about brushing and not eating so much candy and I told Henry that he was going to have to stop sucking his thumb.  When we got home Frances and Henry went into the dining room while I was fixing dinner.  They were very quiet, but I was thankful that I was able to get dinner ready without interruptions.  After a quick dinner we got ready for bed and the kids got settled in for the night.  Frances gave Henry something and he put it under his pillow. Being curious, I asked him what it was. Frances said it was a note for the tooth fairy.
I was tired and I didn't think much of it until I was lying in bed falling asleep myself.  I jumped out of bed and crept into the kids' room. I slowly pulled the note out from under Henry's pillow. I was tucked inside a tooth ring Frances had gotten at the dentists' office.  I unfolded it and found this:
Frances thought that if the tooth fairy brought Henry a pacifier that he would stop sucking his thumb.  Awww! So sweet. But sorry, honey that's not how it works!!

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