Sunday, October 30, 2011

Super Scary Sunday Supper

Halloween is Monday, but we all have work and school, so I decided to cook up a Halloween meal on Sunday this year.  I had a ton of fun getting everything ready, and it was a pretty well balanced dinner too.
We had:  Mummy Dogs,
 Witch's Fingers,
 Monster Mouths,
 Goblin Eyes,
 Zombie Brains (I forgot to take a picture of the steamed cauliflower, sorry), and Peek-a-Boo Brew.

That clock is wrong, btw, but it keeps getting unplugged and I refuse to keep setting it!

Frances LOVED it!!

 Henry (who was over tired from lack of a nap) whined that he was "scared of his dinner," but finally acquiesced.

And Benjamin?  Yeah, he was over tired from his lack of a nap as well. He licked the Nutella and white chocolate chips out of his Monster Mouth and then tried to throw the rest of his food around the room while screaming.  I put him in his bed to chill out and he fell asleep (and slept through until morning!)  GOOD TIMES!!!

**This stuff was all pretty easy to make. If you want any directions, just let me know!**


  1. Woohoo, spooky lunch swap!


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