Monday, October 10, 2011

My Soccer Star

Henry is playing soccer this Fall. His team is the Seattle Sounders. We had a rough start to the season as our first two practices got rained out and the team all met for the first time at their first game!  His coach, Coach Kevin is an awesome coach. He loves being out on the field and running around with the kids. they all have tons of fun. As a strange side note, Henry is the only boy on his team of 6. The other teams seem better mixed, although apparently there is a team that has all boys and one girl.  Hmmmmm.....
My parents came up for the weekend for Frances' birthday party and were able to take in a game while they were here. Frances was Henry's cheerleader and Benjamin toddled around trying to steal the ball!
It took Henry a little while to get warmed up to the idea of soccer. We finally ended up telling him that he couldn't have snack after the game unless he actually played.  Well food sure motivates my mid-kid!!
He got moving and ran after the ball good!
Go Sounders!!

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