Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Reading Program

We came home from Radford on Tuesday so that we could go to a program at the local library.  Our library is hosting an awesome summer reading program for kids, youth and adults.  I signed the kids up for the program last week and they have been especially excited readers since then.  For every five books they read (or activities they complete) they get a prize:

  • 5 books = Harrisonburg Turks baseball tickets
  • 10 books = Free ice cream cone from Dairy Queen
  • 15 books = Chick-fil-A Kid's Meal
  • 20 books = Funky's Skate Center Pass
  • 25 books = Rockingham County Fair Entrance Pass
Tuesday also happened to be the "kick-off" event for the Summer Reading Program.  They had a concert by Kim & Jimbo Cary, local folk musicians.  This couple played a variety of different musical styles and had lots of instruments for the kids to try out.  The kids loved it!  Benjamin shook his little maraca like nobody's business!!  Frances and Henry got to try out some drums, bells, and other percussion instruments from around the world.  They even got to go up and dance during a song about animals.
I am consistently impressed with the amazing programs that our library puts on for kids.

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