Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Learning: Good or Bad?

Benjamin is growing and learning quite nicely.  He is just as much of a stinker as his siblings. Tonight he learned how to push the plug down into the drain so the water can't go out, thus prolonging his favorite part of the evening--BATH TIME!!  He also loves bouncing his little tushy up and down and splashing water.  I took a really cute video that I won't be posting on the internet...ummm...ever!  You can come over and watch it though. He also tried to take his first steps tonight.  In the bathtub!  I couldn't decide whether to be mad or proud.  He is standing up from a squatting position quite frequently now.  I expect his first real steps any day now.
This was a few nights ago as he was climbing on me on the couch.  :)

Frances and Henry are as cute as ever.  Tonight they sat on the couch singing a song about how Mommy wouldn't let them go outside.  I'm so mean!  But if that's what it takes to fuel their angst and encourage their future songwriting careers, I will make the effort.

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