Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I always knew this one was trouble...

We went out to run some errands this morning after Frances got on the bus.  We headed to Target to get Benjamin's new car seat and a couple other things we needed.   Then we had to go buy an A/C adapter for the kids' night light. I bought them a really cool Discovery Kids night light at Roses for $10 around Christmas time.  Well let me tell you, it has been EATING batteries ever since!  Even with rechargeables, I feel like I am changing the batteries every night. Last night I had finally gotten all three kids in bed and I had just put my feet up on the couch when Henry came to tell me that the night light had gone out.  Well that was the last straw-I went out to get an A/C adapter today!  I had planned to go out to Radio Shack since we were near the mall, but wouldn't you know that the mall wasn't even open yet!  What has my life become that we are out and about before the stores even open!!
Anyway, we were waiting outside the store and Henry saw the Merry-Go-Round.  He asked if he could have a ride and I decided to be nice (for once).  I put in the dollar and hopped on with Benjamin.  Both boys seemed to really enjoy it.  I was worried that Benjamin was going to throw a fit when I put him back in the stroller.   However, he wasn't the one with trouble up his sleeve.  Henry wanted to go again and I said "no."  So while I was buckling Benjamin into the stroller, my sneaky almost-4-year-old got into my purse, took out my credit card and tried to stick it in the dollar slot on the machine!!!  STINKER! Then he tried to climb on with another kid who was getting on.  I decided that was sort of a "fruit from the poison tree" kind of scenario and pulled him off. Then we headed to Radio Shack to buy an adapter, made a quick stop at the bank (where there was a very tired looking man, who apologized for yawning because he isn't usually up before 12.  PUH-LEASE!) and headed home.  All before 10:30!
And the adapter needed for our $10 night light??  Yeah--$25!!  Seriously?!

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