Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Circle of Life!

Frances has been really interested in science lately and Ken and I are excited to encourage that love in her. For her birthday last year she got a butterfly kit, but the caterpillars can't be shipped until the weather warms up, so we waited.  It was early April when the caterpillars arrived in their little jar of food.  The live in there for a while and then make their chrysalises at the top of the jar on a piece of tissue paper.  You take the tissue paper out, attach it to the inside of the butterfly habitat and wait some more.  Frances' caterpillars decided to come out of their chrysalises the week of Benjamin's birthday, so we let them out at the end of his party.  

 They were actually willing to walk around on a few people before they took off, so the kids all got to see them close up.  As each butterfly flew away, they kids all shouted "Goodbye! Goodbye!"  It was cute!

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