Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Which diagnosis shall we have today??

I am home again with a sickie! This time it is Benjamin. He has the dreaded RSV as well as an ear infection.  Poor baby is working so hard to breathe and all he wants to do is sleep.  Meanwhile I am entertaining Henry, who is not allowed to watch any TV today.  Our rule has been that if he doesn't stay in his own bed at night that he can't watch TV the next day.  I am starting to wonder who is being punished here??!  My current facebook status is :"The first time your child says "Momma" it warms your heart and brings a tear to your eye. The 10,000th time in one hour that your child says "Momma" it drives you insane and brings tears to your eyes."
Now I am trying to get Henry to eat his lunch instead of crawling around the floor like a puppy dog.  Since I set everything to the tune of Frere Jacques, I sang him this song: "Eat your lunch please, eat your lunch please. It's time for nap. Time for nap.  Eat your lunch please, eat your lunch please. So you can go to sleep, so you can go to sleep."
He grinned his little devil grin at me and said, "Mommy, dat's punny!"  Wanna hear mine?"  And then he proceeded to use the same tune and sing back to me, "I-I a-m, I-I a-m. I-I-I-I a-m, I-I-I-I a-m. Don't say a bad word, Don't say a bad word."  And then he ate his honey mustard sauce-because that's an important part of the meal!!

In other Benjamin news-he has another tooth coming in. On top this time. Same side as the one on the bottom.  I think he only has two right now. I don't want to bug him since he doesn't feel good.

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