Sunday, February 6, 2011

Matthew 7:7 (Paraphrased)

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."
Request seven hours of sleep and you'll almost get it!  I  went to sleep on the couch last night while trying to watch something on tv with Ken.  He has given up on trying to get me to go to bed, mostly because it never works. So at some point he left me alone and went to bed himself.  I got up later and followed him. It must have been close to 10:00.  Usually Benjamin wakes up around 3 or 4 to eat, but last night he slept until 4:50!  So I got a whopping 6 hours and 50 minutes of sleep. In a row!  
I had a strange dream last night about house hunting.  I was looking at lots of different houses and comparing them for a possible move for our family.  I was alone, but I know the kids existed because I was looking at bedrooms and playrooms for them.  The weird thing is that every house was missing a room.  One didn't have a dining room, one only had one bedroom, one was missing a living room. I guess my dream real estate agent didn't listen very well. One of the houses had a really cool playroom though!  I think that was the one with only one bedroom.
Of course I had an early morning visitor. I tried to ignore him, thinking he might go back to sleep, but then he started playing with my hair.  And by "playing" I mean picking out individual strands and pulling them out of my ponytail.  OUCH! So I had to ask him to stop. Which of course means he had to ask me for "Sumpin to eat and sumpin to drink."  Six times. Or maybe seven. I'm not sure, I was trying to sleep.  Well, since it is Ken's birthday, I got out of bed to fulfill Henry's request, and now here I am.
Ken gave himself yesterday off for his birthday, so he got his whole birthday weekend to spend with us! We went to "Fun Day" at Frances' school yesterday. They had fun games set up in the hallways, a magic show in the library, and fun activities in the gym.  The bigs got to go on the moon bounce, and try out an indoor mini golf game.  Frances tried out the obstacle course, but Henry chickened out at the last minute.  After we wore the kids out, we went to the cafeteria to see the food selection.  We also discovered that if you wait until the very last minute that they will give away the last of the food instead of throwing it away!  We tried some Korean rice balls and some sort of "vegetable medley."  I got the vegetables because it looked like it had carrots in it and I thought I could feed those to Benjamin.  They turned out to be orange peppers, but he did eat the zucchini and barley.  
We headed home and got Henry into bed for a late nap as he was starting to melt down.  Ken took a nap and Frances and I sat on the couch reading.  She read an entire chapter book in about an hour! Just like her mother!!
We had a late dinner and then Ken and I got the kids to bed and sat down to watch some tv together.  I don't remember what we watched.  Probably because I fell asleep.

P.S. Happy birthday Ken!!

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