Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stop Listening to Your Parents!!!

Dear Children,
I know that your father and I have tried to raise you to be good, well-respected people.  We have tried to instill good values in you. Except usually, you don't seem to be listening.  So why do you pick NOW?  Why are you now choosing to share and take turns?  Because your father and I meant to add that sharing and taking turns are concepts that DO NOT APPLY to the flu!!!
Firstly, please do not share the flu at all!  Avoid it at all costs. And if you do get it, please keep it to yourself!
However, should you choose to disregard the former, please do not take turns.  If you simply must share this nastiness with each other, go for the gold and do it all at once.  It is not good for your mother's sanity for you to wait until one sibling starts to get well before another starts felling ill.  It would be much easier to take care of all of you all at the same time!
Now, I would appreciate it if you would bring this up at your next board meeting (I am on to you and all the "plotting against your parents" that you do after we put you to bed)
All my love,

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  1. Be sure to share if that works out for ya! ;-)


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