Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Buh-Bye Flu

Ken, Henry, and I all got it.  Benjamin and Frances did not.  Not really sure how that happened, but I am thankful that Benjamin did not get sick.  He did end up sleeping a lot during the quarantine week, and that was quite a blessing, but I felt horrible later when I realized that it was because of all the decongestants I had been taking! (I spoke with his doctor today and he said I didn't do any damage, thankfully.)
I also have apparently had a sinus infection before, during, and after the flu.  My head has been feeling like it is going to explode and I have been very cranky.  I went to the doctor this morning and got myself a Z-pack, so relief is in the near future! I am trying not to complain about the stomach ache that the first dose is giving me.  :)
Benjamin had his 9-month checkup today as well.  He is growing well, except he dropped down a little on the weight curve.  His doctor said he is not concerned, as he seem to be eating well and a variety of foods.  I guess I am just destined to have skinny kids!
Currently the bigs are playing Polly Pockets on the table in the living room.  Frances was looking for something in her room after school today and she found some Polly Pockets under her bed.  She came out to tell me that it is summer under her bed and her Polly Pockets would like to go swimming.  Ummm...OK?
So the Polly Pockets are swimming in two plastic containers of water in the living room.  Actually at this point, the table and carpet are taking a bath as well!
And do you like all that clean, folded laundry on the bench behind them??  I should probably get to that sometime today.

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