Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Would you like some soup with your pepper?

We had Nadia over for dinner last night. The kids LOVE  her and she is so great with them. We are blessed to have her around and will be sad next semester when she leaves for her internship and then graduates.
Last week I bragged on Facebook about having homemade turkey soup and homemade biscuits for dinner. Nadia made a comment about it, so we invited her over for the same meal this week. I had made and frozen a ton of soup, so it was easy to do.
We sat down to dinner and Nadia added a little bit of salt and pepper to her soup.  Henry saw her do it and wanted some also.  Usually when he wants salt and pepper we just turn the lid so nothing comes out and then shake away.  Nadia has either seen us do it, or she it just that smart (or both!) so she turned the lid on the salt and "gave" him some.  Well, then he wanted to do the pepper himself. So she turned the lid and gave it to him. He turned it upside down and SHOOK!  He ended up with about 3 tablespoons of pepper in his soup!  I wished I had my camera out, but figured it would be kinda rude to jump up and get it.
Then Henry got mad because Ken traded soup bowls with him! Not sure if that is the reason, but he never ended up eating any of his soup.  Just part of a biscuit and then he went to play.  I am expecting him at any time now (it's 5:30 am) to wake up and come tell me he's "hunkry and persy."
By the way, I also made brownies to go with dinner. I figured that if my house was a mess it should at least smell like chocolate!  I made the regular mix and poured it in the pan. Then I took about 10 fun sized Snickers bars and put them in the Ninja and pulsed them a few times. I poured that over the top of the brownies and then baked them as usual. YUM!!

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