Friday, December 10, 2010

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

...Not Henry!!  Of course not! That would make sense!  What is Henry afraid of, you ask??  The night light in his room.
I slept upside down, mashed up into a corner of my own bed last night because he is afraid of his night light! Who ever heard of such ridiculousness???  He has gotten out of bed the past three nights to tell us he is scared of his night light. I just figured it was a stalling technique.  That night light has been in his room since before he was born! (Which is why it is a princess light.)  He won't sleep if it is dark. Honestly, if he had his way, he would sleep with all the lights on, but since he shares his room and ours is right across the hall, that is not a possibility.  Something has got to give, though. Tonight I am taking back my own pillow!

In other news, Benjamin and Frances both have ear infections and are on the same antibiotics. How cute!  Benjamin's fever seems to be gone as of 4:30 this morning when I nursed him. The couch was freezing cold and I was kinda hoping he would keep me warm! Oh well, that's what blankets are for.  Henry seems to be healthy other than his aversion to Princess night lights.

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  1. You know, had to stop in to read this --- my own little guy has said the same thing about his (very boring) night light! I'm pretty sure it was to get in bed with mamma...

    Thanks for stopping in on my SITS day!


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