Sunday, December 12, 2010

But he's not...

Henry has a funny habit of saying something and then saying, "But it's not." or some variation of that phrase. For example, some mornings he will say, "Mommy, I want cereal...but I don't." I think he does it when he speaks too quickly without considering his options.
Tonight, though, the phrase reached new levels of hilarity.
We were reading a story before bed and there was a page with a picture of crickets. Frances says, "Like Ick!" because they reminded her of her pet cricket she got from school that only lasted about 10 days. When Ick died, I thought she would be upset, but she took it rather well and we disposed of him with very little fanfare. Anyway, back to the story. When Frances yelled, "Like Ick!" Henry responded with, "Ick died, Mommy. He's in heaven." "But he's not. He's in the trash."
OK, maybe you had to be there, but I had trouble finishing the story after that!

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